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Positive Energy Programme 2016 – JOIN TODAY

positive energyThe POSITIVE ENERGY PROGRAMME 2016 is a small business programme developed by SOCIAL MEDIA DIRECTORS which encourages small business owners to get with the sales & marketing programme of 21st Century.

Social Media is not about sharing adverts as that ain’t very social. We teach you how to tell stories, how to share things that are interesting, how to change your mindset away from being just another piece of ambient noise into being someone, something that others will want to know about and share with their crowd.

Our Positive Energy Programme explores what you already know about social media and business lead generation and helps you work out what you need to know… then the journey begins.

The reality is simple, in or out of Europe, rules and regulations are pouring down on small business owners which means that if you want to market to a company or individual then you need to have their permission to engage, failure to do so will lead to fines and negative press which will leave you out in the cold. Soon you’ll not be able to buy lists… you’ll need to grow your own!

jon davey headshot aJON DAVEY has been working online since 1999. Named as Social Media Week’s Social Media Personality of the Year in 2012 he firmly believes in the “teach a man to fish” metaphor.

Social media is about engaging in real time and with authenticity. Big companies can pay an agency to manage their brand image but small businesses need to be using the people in their business, it’s the only way that you can keep it real and truly get the buy in of potential customers.”

Signing off on a contract for 10 tweets a day is just pissing in the wind. What if 50 people respond to your first tweet? Do you ignore the 41 who you haven’t been able to respond to within the terms of the contract? No, it needs to be managed in house and we show you how, teaching you how to fish so you can do it yourself.

Obviously we start by helping you work out how best to integrate your current world with how your potential customer base is looking to engage and begin to move you forward along an agreed path.

We’ll manage those channels you don’t feel comfortable with during the early days but will be looking to move you towards a place of self sufficiency over time.

We’ll cover email marketing, web design & blogging, Twitter and telemarketing, Facebook and face 2 face sales, LinkedIn and networking, YouTube and Snap Chat, Instagram and instant results (yeah right!)

Don’t believe all the hype on the web from social media gurus telling you if you just cross their palm with silver and follow their online webinar then as if by magic you’ll be closing business within the hour… it takes a little longer and involves a little more hard work than that!

People do business with those they know, like and trust… so your potential customers have to get to know you on THEIR terms before they are going to part with their hard earned cash.

The process begins with a free chat on the phone…

Thank you again.

07717 820823

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