ONE BOAT Project

ONE BOAT Project, feeding & helping families in the Philippines… working with Rotary & businesses in Berkshire to make a difference…

We bought 10 boats for The Philippines with this project…

images from philippines houses

When I heard about the impact of hurricane Yolanda and how it had devastated huge areas of the Philippines I used social media to find out more… I asked the 30,000 members of Rotary International’s LinkedIn Group (now 49,000+) what they needed and it transpired they had lost 100,000 boats which meant they were / are struggling to feed their families.

christmas 2004

I reflected on how, although things are tough in the UK, we can always find a meal for our nearest & dearest… I needed to do something. This started with approaching my club, they funded the first boats… other Rotary Clubs have tried to help, most recently High Wycombe Rotary Club gave me a Dragon Boat on Dorney Lake… we had a great day out and raised monies for local charities & ONE BOAT for the Philippines 😉

yolanda dragon slayers dorney lake

I’ve recently given a few talks to Rotary Clubs in District 1090 to discuss how we can work together to raise money for ONE BOAT and I am looking to do more… please contact me to arrange a date… Slough Rotary have their annual Butterfly River Walk where walkers pay £5 entry & then raise money for their own charities… so I’ll be looking to get me a few volunteers for this one… do you enjoy a good walk?

Are you looking for a LIFE CHANGING experience?

Now I’m also looking to take this project to local companies… an excellent CSR Project… where we combine raising money for the ONE BOAT Project with one or two people from the company visiting the Philippines… seeing how the boats are made… delivering a boat to a village… staying with the villagers for a week to see how they actually live… then spending a few days with Rotarians to see another side of life in the Philippines.

one boat project

Feeding the kids in Liloan 1

Feeding the kids in Liloan 3

Rotary Club of Loyola Heights facebook

What an experience, what an education… LIFE CHANGING.

This might start with buying ONE BOAT and end up with a company buying a school! They need many things and 3 minutes on the BBC isn’t going to fix the situation… it’s going to take years… join in when you feel the vibe & contact me so we can help you make a difference… THANK YOU.

My original goal was FIFTY BOATS…

But the more I hear from The Philippines, the more apparent it is that the needs change as time goes on.

Boats have proved a popular item to the outside world and now giving the young a core education is standing out…

I’ve had contact with District 1070 Assistant Governor John Dehnel, member of Rotary Club of Melton Mowbray who are already engaging with The Philippines and they have been going through an Global grant process, which takes away the admin, hate admin! Re-building a school in Sagkahan south of Tacloban.

school in Sagkahan near Tacloban

This way I can do what I’m best at, sharing the big picture and getting people to join in in ways that fit their own agenda. I’ve got appointments lined up with a number of local Rotary Clubs which I will focus around the boats, with support from 12 local clubs, one boat each, then district will double that funding, add some great local negotiations and we’ll be on track for at least 30 boats!

Then possibly, this may be associated with the Melton Mowbray school work and turn into a Global grant… time will tell…

Working with others, possibly you & yours to make it all happen, that feels GR8 as our kids might say 😉

The Birth of the ONE BOAT Project

The name of the ONE BOAT project came about while discussing the needs of the people of the Philippines with Jesse Tanchanco & Allan Limas, local Rotarians who I engaged with in the LinkedIn Group & then followed up with to determine how we could best help.

In January, the Rotary Club of Windsor & Eton, of which I am a member, kindly donated £1000 for two boats… the money was sent to two clubs in the Philippines…

Jesse Tanchanco from the Rotary Club of Loyola Heights teamed up with sister club the Rotary Club of Ormoc who had negotiated a reduced price on producing 50 boats… taking our £500 & adding some anonymous funding meant they named TWO BOATS after The Rotary Club of Windsor & Eton.

Rotary Club Windsor and Eton ONE BOAT 46

These boats have been handed over to fishermen in the nearby town of Albuera, Philippines…

Dear Jesse,

Please find the attached pictures of boats 45 & 46 sponsored by RC Windsor and Eton. These gifts are really worth the efforts of all the Rotarians. We will start meeting the fishermen next week to give them the training on financial management and care of environment to provide them the insights and aptitude towards working well and working hard for that common goal of improving their lives.
On behalf of the Rotary Club of Ormoc, our warmest felicitations to everyone and much much appreciation for this donation.
Troy D. Bumagat
RC Ormoc, D3860

Albuera Philippines

It was decided that because of his ability to negotiate a great deal for everyone that the other club we gave money to would transfer it over to Jesse’s club so we could maximise the resources.

Thank you.


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