Looking for feel good investments and investors

Times they are a changing and it’s time for my Positive Energy domain to start earning its keep 😉

I’ve had the domain since 2001, one of the first I bought, and I have used it a few times to try and inspire a positive vibe… this evolution has a bunch of fresh ingredients which greatly increase its chances of levitation into the annuls of history!

I’ve been involved in sales & marketing for all of my career and like anyone in that space I have had some great successes and some compete failures… the key ingredient being able to, as the song says, “Dust yourself off and start all over again!”

Recently I have been doing some reaching out over LinkedIn to join potential clients with potential suppliers and the rhythm has been good. My ability to create marketing content, blended with years in the sales arena, ensures I have a very good response rate and then it’s down to regular, timely contact, offering topical & entertaining information to keep prospects informed until their need becomes painful enough to take action.

Bringing this into the investment arena, I really don’t want to be bogged down with paperwork and administration around the actual finances; I’ll leave that to others gifted in that arena to work through. We have partners who can assist in this process if needed…

My skill is in bringing the parties together by reaching out to the world using social media and then allowing them to form their own relationships based on their core drivers and how these match with what’s on offer… I can’t control the outcome, only those passionate about the topic can do that.

The way I see it, my skills are best suited to help you in two key ways:

• I have a growing database of those interested in positive investment opportunities who I can send your offering out to for a small fee…

• I have the skills to go and find others that might be interested in your specific project that I can also approach, again for a fee…

Thank you for being part of my communication flow and if you see anything of interest and need a bit more help from me in connecting with the third party then give me a nudge and I’ll get those dots joined.

Use the form on the home page to make contact >>>

Thank you.

07717 820823


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