Positive Energy Investor Network

PEIN is for online investors with the right outlook on life who have ethical boundaries…

We’re gearing up towards helping you in two key ways:

  • We can share your business idea that needs investment with our network of investors who have a positive outlook… a network that is growing daily!
  • We can also go out and find specific potential investors who match the profile of your project… finding those needles in haystacks!

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Wiki tells us PEIN comes from the Swedish pæna “to pound iron with a hammer”. I’m liking this analogy, if you pound with “positive energy” then you should be adding the right ingredients to ensure the finest, strongest results for your chosen investments!

Positive Energy is an environment where those with a positive outlook on life can both share and hear about investments that will tick a whole bunch of ethical boxes and hopefully some fun ones too 😉

We don’t sell guns but we do provide you with the ammunition to find more investors for your solution to one of the world’s great problems… or you may have a really simple idea, they are often the best!

We’re not offering financial advice, we’re creating the foundations for a networking eco-system where you can hear about those with great ideas and hook up with them to find out more in your own time.

We work alongside investment professionals to deliver connectivity… people gravitate towards us because we share opportunities with the right energy, not just those that appear to offer the best return, both is ideal but not essential.

If you’d like to discuss how we might help you get the word out further via our network or help you find more investors with a profile that matches your project needs then complete the form below or phone Jon on 07717 820823.

Thank you.

07717 820823


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